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The photographer who lives and works in Athens, Greece is recognized for exploring the abstract or form-focused, that is characterized by eroticism and inwardness, and features dark, dynamic figures bordering the edge between reality and fantasy

His first individual exhibition, entitled RAW, took place in Athens in 2017. His work has been exhibited all over the world, highlights include: The Estacao Expo in Portugal, the SwissArt Expo in Zurich, the Urbanside Gallery in Zurich, the Tana Art Space in Venice, the Boomer Gallery in London, the Art Number 23 UK Gallery, the Wynwood Art Hotspot in Miami, the LuminousEye Gallery, the Peiraeus Bank Conference Centre, the Tsihritzi Visual Arts Institution, the 'Artzone 42' Gallery, the Kapsiotis 'Gallery of the South', the 'Romanzo' Cultural Centre, the Chili Art Gallery in Athens, the 'Venus Art Gallery' in Mykonos island, the SEE|ME Gallery NY, etc. Alexandros has collaborated with UNESCO on a visual action framework in 2019 and 2020, participated in the Southern Balkan Photo Festivals, collaborated with 'The Black Rabbit' magazine as a contributing creative director in the US. His work has been published in various art books and magazines worldwide.

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